Hino Natural Skincare: cosmetics that speak the language of the skin


Who said that green cosmetics is not also effective? In the collective imagination, often, products labeled as “eco-friendly” or “natural” are viewed with suspicion. Advancing is the fear of poor performance or unfulfilled results. Yet there are those who have made sustainability, naturally derived allies and green chemistry the main ingredients of their winning beauty recipe. Like HINO Natural Skincare, a skin-friendly cosmetic brand born from the entrepreneurial determination of the family group consisting of Anna Giuliani, Giada Caudullo, Leopoldo Caudullo and Michelangiolo Caudullo. This virtuous reality expresses the desire to offer green chemistry cosmetic products on the market to respond with competence and completeness to the needs of millions of consumers attentive to wellbeing issues. In fact, skin care, together with respect for the environment, are key values ​​of the company, which is committed to creating formulations whose scientific performance and high quality are guaranteed by instrumental tests conducted in specialized laboratories, under the supervision of industry professionals.

Each ingredient is meticulously analyzed so that it speaks only one language, that of the skin. For each product, cosmetic active constituents are used that the skin is able to recognize, with the primary objective of supporting the natural and physiological skin constitution. The right combination of active, innovative and patented molecules, applied on eco-thermocompatible cosmetic bases of natural origin, thus allows to give life to true technological and performing allies, but at the same time characterized by an extraordinary sensory feel guaranteed by eco-certified and biodegradable emollients. Two must-have lines from the brand: Pro Balance, dedicated to normalizing and protective daily skincare, in support of physiological skin properties; and Pro Solution, highly performing, capable of responding with effective solutions to the most demanding cosmetic requests. A range of proposals designed for every type of need, and which make up a complete and effective beauty routine.

To celebrate this idea of ​​good beauty, the brand has decided to rely on art and give life to #HinoUniversalBeauty, a project that makes use of the contribution of the artist Vera Vera ( Vera Berardi ). Until 23 May 2021, the evocative location of via MonteNapoleone in Milan will host four of his most evocative works aimed at narrating and creating an inclusive meeting point between art and women.

Venus stands out, a work on whose sculptural skin the word beauty is imprinted in different languages ​​and which aims to be a critical investigation into the relationship between what we show and what we really are, on the false masks we wear in the society that observes us. An artistic transposition of that meeting point between the philosophy of the brand and that of the artist, both careful to give value to inner and outer beauty, to the skin and to the personal sphere as well as to the environment in which we live and to ecology. The three hanging garments instead represent the faces of Venus, each made with shades that can recall the different colors of the female complexion, suggesting the inclusion of the differences that play in unison inside the case.

The works of the artist Vera Vera for the #HinoUniversalBeauty project exhibited in via MonteNapoleone until May 23 – picture by Lucas Possiede