Beauty and art: an inseparable combination


Beauty tickles and satisfies the senses, but in the case of the human body, the qualities of the soul and character, perceived with the mental eye rather than with the body, also play an important role. The concept of beauty is also linked to the different arts that express it and does not follow a precise regulation: it is harmony of the cosmos, proportions between the parts or even the right rhetorical rhythm.

Hino Natural Skincare, an ecofriendly and skin-friendly cosmetic brand created to guarantee scientific and high quality performances, and Vera Berardi, an artist dedicated to the investigation of social relationships and false identities, have intertwined their aesthetic sensibility giving life to the #HINOUNIVERSALBEAUTY project, exhibited in via Montenapoleone in Milan. A large display case contains different sculptures created to create an inclusive meeting point between art and women. The Venus, a work from the #TellMeWords series by Vera Berardi, is the result of a double operation: the sculptural one created in the atelier and the one created with the collaboration of the Hino Natural Skincare brand, which has chosen to insert the word “beauty” in different languages , imprinting it on the skin of the sculpture.

The finished object thus becomes a critical investigation into the relationship between what we show, what we are and the false masks we wear inserted in a social context. A meeting point between the brand and the artist, careful to give value to inner and outer beauty, to the skin and personal sphere, to the environment in which we live and to ecology. The three hanging garments, on the other hand, represent the faces of Venus: each one is made with shades that recall the different colors of the female complexion that fluctuate and slowly turn on themselves showing the gold leaf that covers the inside of the mask, a symbol of the preciousness hidden behind what deceives, the intrinsic value of often forgotten inner beauty. At the same time it refers to a transcendental vision: this is how true beauty reveals itself, finally showing the hidden truth.

#HINOUNIVERSALBEAUTY in via Montenapoleone – Milan © photos by Lucas Possiede